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Hey y'all, I'm new!

My name is Lisa, I'm 20 (soon to be 21 and I can't wait, haha) and I live in East Lansing, MI where I go to Michigan State University. My son, Brandon James, is 14 months old and is the light of my life. I've been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder for round about 5 years. There was some sexual abuse in my past, as well as some people who I put a lot of importance into breaking down any shred of confidence. I'm taking my Zoloft, and it works wonders. Hmm... what else?

I have a boyfriend now, which is a fairly recent development, and is the first boy I've been with since Brandon was born. He's amazing, but anytime there is a hint of trouble, I blow the situation a billion times out of proportion in my head, even if I never say anything to him about it.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this community. None of my friends know the kind of stuff I have to deal with, so I feel like I'm bringing everyone down if I want to rant about everyday happenings. Alright, well, I'm looking forward to becoming active in the community! Have a good day!
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