Jo (1_bluebubble) wrote in goodmom_sadmind,


Do you ever feel like if you were to get in a horrible car accident or something and you died, you'd be okay with it?

I don't know...I'm not saying I'm suicidal, I'm not going to hurt myself, take a bunch of pills, or anything, but...if for some reason I just fell off the face of the earth I'd be okay with it. I don't know if that makes sense.

But then I love my boys sooooo much, and the thought of them having to deal with me being gone...I just can't imagine their I keep on keepin' on...

I'm going through a lot right now...leaving an abusive husband...going through a divorce...I am not trying to handle things on my own...I have help with my therapist, a psychiatrist, medications...if it wasn't for the medications, I don't think I could get through the day like a 'normal' human being.

But one time, there was a night my husband and I were fighting, and, as I tried to sleep, he turned on me, clamped his hand down around my neck and squeezed. I didn't fight him, I didnt' push him away. I just took it. I closed my eyes, and told myself if this is the way I go, this is how it goes.

It makes me sad I didn't even react. If I got sick, would I not fight for my life?
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Yes, I have thought that and felt that way. Except right now I think about my kids and what would happen to them if that happened, and I realize I really wouldn't be okay with it because I could never do that to them.
Yup, they are the ONE thing I live for.
Yes, I have felt that way. You feel like you are such a failure that your child would be better off raised by someone else, someone more capable.
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