annon23 (annon23) wrote in goodmom_sadmind,

ummm hi

So im new to this site and all i can say is that im definatly a good mum but a bloddy sad mum

clinical depression has killed any part of me i ever knew

all thoese feelings that you all know of, all thoes experiences have left me numb

when do we ever truely feel free from the burden of sadness wen do we ever get to truely live

when to we get to stop pretending that everythings ok and have everythiong just be ok, i dont know im confused

medication counseling and all the rest help but hinder at the same time

sorry for mty long rant but needed to get it out

Im Ral 23yr old single mum of 2, 5yr old girl and 14mth old boy...ummm so i guess this is just me saying hi


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