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Raising Happy Children While Battling Depression

Good Moms with Clinical Depression
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This is a community for moms who are suffering from major depression and are caring for their children.

You can post about how good you're feeling today, or how you just wish bedtime would get here.....NOW

You can tell us how your treatment is going.

Give us a little history about your depression and about yourself and your family.

Post pictures of yourself and your family so we can all be reminded of why we do this every day.

Tell us funny stories about things your kids have done and said lately.

Tell us what's been upsetting you lately; setting you off.

Don't gloss things over here. That's why this is a group for depressed moms. We spend the rest of our lives trying to pretend that everything is wonderful because most of the world has no idea what it's like and figures if you're depressed, you must not really love your children.

Motherhood is the most difficult job in the world by itself, but when the mother has a serious illness, every day is a struggle, the likes of which no one but another mother with major depression can understand.

Likewise, if you suspect someone you love may harm themselves or their child/ren or has verbalized these thoughts, you must call 911 or your area's equivalent, your hospital's crisis line, or take her to the hospital.

We are not licensed therapists and cannot be held responsible for the actions taken by any users.

We want this to be a community in which we feel safe talking about our feelings, thoughts, and fears, but if you feel unsafe or are having serious suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming your child/children in any way, you must call your nearest hospital's crisis line, 911, or your area's appropriate emergency number IMMEDIATELY.

Posting of inflammatory nature, its sole purpose being to hurt those legitimately using this community, will not be tolerated and the user responsible for such posting will be banned.

This is not a self-harm or self-mutliation community! If you're looking for a fetish community, the whole Internet is out there calling to you...please go. :-)

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